Friday, May 11, 2012

The Vintage Sewing Pattern Contest Results

I am excited to announce I came in second place in the Vintage Sewing Pattern Contest, with 149 votes!!!  Quite an honor, considering all of the talented people who entered the beautiful items they made.  The first place winner is a man named Peter, pictured below, who is a hoot!  He made a gorgeous opera coat -- very creative!  Thanks for all of your votes.  You can see the results of the contest here.

First Prize Winner in PatternReview's 2012 Vintage Contest
Peter in NYC...check out his blog Male Pattern Boldness

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BeaJay said...

Congratulations on coming second. It's strange - I haven't recieved any updates of your blogs for months and this morning my reader has heaps of your posts.. must have been a blogger hitch but if you were wondering why no comments - this could be the reason.