Monday, April 22, 2013

Antiques are Green ~ Chantilly Dreams Earth Day Sale

Happy Earth Day friends! 10% sale this week site wide. No coupon code needed! Sale price will be applied at checkout. Please share ♥
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage French Metis

Lately I've been on a pillow making kick.  I have designed custom, Victorian whitework inspired, embroidered monogram pillows. The pillows are made of vintage French metis, which is a dream to sew on!  What is French metis you may ask?  Metis means "mix" which is exactly what metis linen is - usually a mix of 35% cotton and 65% linen (although other fiber combinations were also woven such as 30/70 or 70/30.) I use Fleur Bleue vintage French metis, circa 1900, which is the finest available. It has a supple hand and that "cool to the touch" feel.  The pillows are for sale on my website.  Here are a few I've made:

I have also experimented with combining some of my antique lace and moire are the results:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Back from The ASG Haute Couture Conference in Houston

Had a wonderful time and was inspired by so many wonderful, talented people at this conference!  Spent time learning from experts like Connie Crawford, Gail Yellen, Steffani Lincecum, Susan Kalje, Lyla Messinger, Hisako Nikaya, and more.  Studied courses such as Fashion Design and Draping for Fit, Fashioning Beautiful Sleeves, Sergery-101, Rayon Knits, etc.. Enjoyed Yanni in concert on Sunday evening. Toured the Houston Ballet's costume department, which was very enlightening. I made so many new friends that, although I missed home, parting was bittersweet!  I look forward to attending next year, and I am so grateful to those who made this event such a huge success!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Love Affair with Antique Lace

I admit it...I'm hooked!  I am completely enamoured with antique lace.  I have been learning about it and collecting for a few years now.  I am fortunate enough to have lace from as far back as the 17th century (Gros Point Venetian Lace).  Here's a picture of my latest find from France...
I have always loved all things handmade, but my love affair with antique lace really began when I began traveling the world with Lee, my husband.  I have admired, and collected, so many beautiful pieces of lace from all over the world, including Gozo, a tiny island off Malta.  I am in awe of the time and talent it took to create.  So amazing!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Vintage Sewing Pattern Contest Results

I am excited to announce I came in second place in the Vintage Sewing Pattern Contest, with 149 votes!!!  Quite an honor, considering all of the talented people who entered the beautiful items they made.  The first place winner is a man named Peter, pictured below, who is a hoot!  He made a gorgeous opera coat -- very creative!  Thanks for all of your votes.  You can see the results of the contest here.

First Prize Winner in PatternReview's 2012 Vintage Contest
Peter in NYC...check out his blog Male Pattern Boldness

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Sewing Guild Conference

Just signed up for the Annual ASG Conference, in Houston, Texas, and I'm sooo excited!  Attending great workshops, some full day, like "Couture Sewing Techniques" and "Draping for Your Personal Fit."  Lots of really impressive people in the apparel sewing field will be presenting, and I feel so fortunate to get to learn from the best.  There's even a Fashion Show on Friday night, which I plan to participate in by creating two outfits to model down their runway. Sounds like such fun! Anyone else going? 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Vintage Sewing Contest Entry ~ 1940 Mail Order Dress Pattern

Ready for a blast from the past?  This is the finished dress for the vintage sewing pattern contest I entered.  I created it using an original 1940 mail order sewing pattern, and my new Babylock Evolution Serger. It's hard to imagine that the very pattern I used is 72 years old, and still so classic.  My Sister, Holly, thinks it looks like a "Nancy Drew" dress.  It reminded my husband of Lois Lane -- of course I guess that would make him Superman....

Here's the process...
This is the original mailing envelope for the pattern in 1940...

and the pattern looks like this...

In 1940, mail order sewing patterns were quite common, and they came in these cellophane jackets.  Aside from the sizing being different today, the other really big difference is that back then sewing pattern were unprinted.  Groupings of perforations were used to indicate where to place pieces, and which pieces were which.  The pattern directions back then were a lot less explanatory.  I guess perhaps it's because so many more people knew how o sew?  For these reasons, I think vintage patterns are more challenging to sew.  You can see part of my layout below.  Notice the unprinted, perforated, pattern tissue pieces.

Pattern direction sheet...

Unprinted pattern tissue pieces laid out...I prefer to use pattern weights to pins -- so much easier!

Here are some pictures of the project as I was working on it...

  I just love the unique style of the contrasting side panels on the bodice!  I think in black, they are very flattering to the waist area.

These are pin tucks I created by hand on either side of the top shoulder/yoke area...very tricky to do on dotted swiss due to trying to sew over the raised dots...

Below is a picture of the bodice before the skirt was attached.

Then I created the skirt.  Here are the two pieces, on my cutting table, before assembly.

Thanks for looking!  Wish me luck in the contest!

Kuby said...
This looks adorable on you. I love the sleeves.
4/15/12 3:37 PM
zoe said...
Beautiful! I hope to try a vintage pattern one day soon myself.
4/15/12 3:57 PM
Mary Stiefer said...
This looks wonderful on your and I, like you, think black and white is classic.
4/15/12 5:45 PM
RadarRadiance said...
You did a fantastic job on this dress, very pretty and classy.
4/15/12 7:55 PM
velosewer said...
Very vintage.
4/15/12 8:16 PM
magpie57 said...
A wonderful dress. Very informative review and blog. I guess most women sewed than so there was not the need for every little detail on the instruction sheet. Your dress looks very flattering on you. and your shoes are to die for!!!
4/15/12 8:33 PM
Hilary said...
What a pretty dress, and it looks so cute on you!
4/15/12 9:24 PM
jenleeC said...
Great dress! Those waisted 1940's styles are so flattering for those of us with waists and hips!
4/15/12 9:35 PM
petro said...
So elegant§ It looks great on you.
4/16/12 1:49 AM
lyndle said...
Gorgeous dress! I like your version even more than the pattern one.
4/16/12 5:09 AM
LDT2011 said...
What a lovely dress. I like the monochrome it a stylish twist.
4/16/12 6:44 AM
Jill Giard said...
4/16/12 10:21 AM
JEF said...
4/16/12 1:31 PM
Sewiing Sue said...
The flattering black panels that nip in the waist, the collars, the shoes and picture framing, the belt...everything so well thought out in this outfit and presentation... those pin tucks are truly awesome.
4/16/12 10:31 PM
momsurfing said...
4/16/12 11:13 PM

ChantillyDreams said...
Thanks for all of your kind words. I had so much fun making it, and your encouragement makes it all the better!
4/17/12 9:22 AM Click here if you wish to edit your comment
Aroura said...
Very classy!! love it.
4/17/12 6:24 PM
facesunderwater said...
Beautiful vintage dress.
4/18/12 10:46 AM
StudioCherie said...
Wonderful review. Fabulous dress! I know just the bag to go with it. I hope you enjoy the vintage style frame bag pattern I am sending you. Congratulations.
4/20/12 3:13 PM
Margaret said...
Looks great on you -- wonderful fabric combo!
4/22/12 7:14 PM

Betty Stitchup said...
What a stunning dress - you've done a fabulous job, I love the choice of fabric, and all the little details. Good luck with the competition - you've got my vote!
4/24/12 11:58 PM